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The US has imposed economic sanctions on North Koreans and Russians

The US has imposed economic sanctions on North Koreans and Russians

As of: September 1, 2023 3:14 am

The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on two individuals from Russia and North Korea and a Russian company. They reportedly worked on Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program.

The United States has imposed sanctions on two individuals and a Moscow-registered company in retaliation for North Korea’s failed launch of a spy satellite.

A North Korean and a Russian national who allegedly worked together on Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program were also affected by the operations. As announced by the US Treasury Department. Helped generate revenue for North Korean companies linked to the development of weapons of mass destruction.

Fake identity documents

According to U.S. information, Jon Jin Yong, a North Korean now sanctioned, led a group of IT workers from his homeland in Russia and, with the help of the Russians, obtained identification documents for them. Some of these documents came from relatives or employees of the Russian Sergei Khoslov, against whom criminal proceedings are now pending.

The US Treasury Department sanctioned Intellekt, a Moscow-registered company owned or controlled by Khoslov. The company is connected to a construction project in the Russian capital, coordinated by the North Korean zone.

Among other things, all assets located in the US or controlled by US persons will be frozen, the ministry said. Companies and individuals doing business with them are also allowed.

Many failed The satellite is launched

The latest US sanctions were decided in consultation with the governments of South Korea and Japan. In recent months, North Korea has twice failed to put a spy satellite into orbit. The responsible authority announced a third attempt in October. UN Security Council resolutions prohibit North Korea from any launch using ballistic technology.