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The update now brings the final OneUI 6 and Android 14 to German Galaxy S23 users

The update now brings the final OneUI 6 and Android 14 to German Galaxy S23 users

The wait is over, Android 14 distribution for Galaxy S23 smartphones will begin in October.

Here you go! Samsung has started rolling out Android 14 to its Galaxy devices. First, insiders have distribution AnnounceThen the first user reports arrived from Germany. First of all, participants in the beta program will receive the update, so it’s only about 350MB in size.

First of all, it’s the Galaxy S23 series Come here This too had to wait. It is not currently possible to determine when other Galaxy devices will be delivered. But we don’t necessarily expect a long waiting time. With the update, of course, comes the very comprehensive OneUI 6 update to your devices as well.

First, there’s an update for the beta testing participants, and then it’s everyone’s turn

Users who did not participate in the beta will likely have to wait a few hours or perhaps days longer. Such a rollout is not fully implemented for all device owners immediately, but is always pushed forward in individual waves. So when in doubt, some patience is required.

Samsung is rolling out the update with the October 2023 security patch.

A few days ago, Samsung published a comprehensive changelog for OneUI 6:

Samsung still has a lot of work to do

This year, Samsung has been a little slower than competitors because Xiaomi has been rolling out the Android 14 update to some flagship models for weeks. No manufacturer will supply as many different models as Samsung and no one can keep up when it comes to the lifespan of the devices being supplied.

If you want to know some additional details about Android 14, you can do so in this article.

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