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The top position is attractive, but it is not without risks

The top position is attractive, but it is not without risks

Halving the points after the regular round and advancing to the placement round in the Basketball Premier League makes it possible: Flyers Wales are suddenly breathing on the neck of leaders Klosterneuburg, who have now won twelve games in a row. In the direct confrontation today (7 pm) at the Raiffeisen Arena, Sebastian Wasser's team has the opportunity to reduce the gap to two points and enter the fight for first place.

The latter guarantees the homeland's rights to the qualifiers until a possible final match. Whether a place in the sun is actually a reward is discussed intensely in the scene. This is also the case with OCS Swans Gmunden, who will also be guests at SKN St. Pölten at 7 p.m.

“Of course we always do our best,” said Harald Stelzer, chief financial officer, looking ahead to the qualifying round in which the likes of BC Vienna are participating. “But the question arises whether it would be better not to come in first or second place.” Oberwart and Kapfenberg lurk. Two of this trio will face the top two teams in the quarterfinals.

As of now, St. Pölten – who have recently lost four in a row – will be locked in sixth place for perhaps the easiest task. But this is just speculation. A lot can still happen before the playoffs start in mid-April.

Wales, who have won eight of their last 10 matches, deserved a full attendance despite a somewhat unfavorable Thursday fixture. They proved they could bend Klosterneuburg on their way to winning the cup. In the semi-final there was a win 81:78 after extra time away from home.

And today? “We're going to need our best game,” said Flyers captain Christian von Wentel, who calls him “The Tonic.” “We're ready and we're coming out of the locker room with aplomb.”

Placement round (for play-off rights), table: 1. Klosterneuburg 24 points, 2. Gmunden 20, 3. Graz 20, 4. Wels 20, 5. Traiskirchen 20, 6. St. Pölten 13. Qualifying round (top) 2 In the quarter-finals, table: 1. BC Vienna 17 points, 2. Oberwart 16, 3. Kapfenberg 16, 4. Timberwolves 6, 5. Eisenstadt 4, 6. Fürstenfeld 1.


Alexander Zambarloukos

Sports editor

Alexander Zambarloukos

Alexander Zambarloukos


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