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The suspension of MPs was stopped by the British Conservative Party

A Conservative MP has been found guilty of abusing the order. Nevertheless, the Tories do not want to suspend him – the opposition is stunned.

Briefly essential

  • The Conservative British ruling party of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suspended one of its MPs from the House of Commons.

Earlier, a parliamentary committee concluded that Conservative politician Owen Patterson had abused his mandate for lobbying companies to which he worked as a consultant and received substantial sums from it.

The committee recommended that Patterson be expelled for 30 days Parliament. But now the Tories have taken them poll In the lower house they have the opportunity to question the entire investigation process into alleged misconduct by members of parliament. Until a new system is introduced, the Penalty Exposed.

MPs voted with a narrow majority to amend the original resolution. Now a panel with a Tory majority is to reform the investigation process and decide whether Patterson’s case should be reconsidered. The Resistance Criticized the decision. Many MPs shouted, “Shame, shame.” Even a dozen members of the ruling party voted against the motion.

“These poll Absolutely lazy. The Tories think the rules should be obeyed by others, but they are not, ”said Labor MP David Lammy.

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