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Republican victory in Virginia – US President Joe Biden slapped – News


Yet political star Barack Obama shouted into the crowd, “We can not get tired” when he appeared in his campaign for the Democratic governor candidate. Ten days ago, polls showed that Democrat Terry McAuliffe was already in trouble and the growth of his Republican opponent, Glenn Young.

The reason for this was clear: middle-class voters in the suburbs of Virginia, who would count on this governor election, Was Tired. Tired of an epidemic that the President promised to defeat, it still exists. Gradually rising prices have left the United States exhausted by unimaginably empty stores and the empty promises of the Democrats in the Capitol.

Suburban voters became frustrated and began to ignore Democrats.

Biden looks tired

They turned their backs on a Democrat who helped them return to the White House a year ago, and only a narrow party in Congress had a majority. But there, in this White House, in the eyes of many Americans, sat a man who looked tired. Who not only nodded at the climate summit in Glasgow, but allowed things to slide at home in Washington.

Who was too late to engage in the controversy of his split party, and who began too late to fight for his multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure, social spending and environmental projects. When too late. When Joe Manchin, a senator from West Virginia, and Kirsten Cinema, from Arizona, chased down Democrats.

Despite months of negotiations, they do not want to endorse Biden’s central political proposals and cannot legislate without their consent.

The Democrats disintegrated themselves

This means for President Biden, and indeed the entire Democrats: they have failed to deliver on their central promise of reconciliation and shaping the future of the deeply divided American political landscape. Republicans in Congress have nothing to do this summer. The Democrats have reliably shattered themselves.

It has now taken Republican Glenn Young to the post of governor of Virginia. In Virginia, Republicans have not only won in traditionally conservative countryside. They won by a wide margin, with a significantly higher turnout.

Young is coping with the act of balancing without being over-branded as a Trump man, and using Trump’s anger on Joe Biden and democracy for himself. Young focused on local political issues, such as schools.

Realizing that it is not enough for Democrats to be “against Trump” in 2021, they must label every Republican candidate a Trump clone. That means they will not win any of the disputed seats in the Senate or House of Representatives in the coming midterm elections.

It is not surprising that Donald Trump was one of the first to be contacted before the election results came out late that evening. “McAuliffe kept shouting ‘Trump’, ‘Trump’, ‘Trump,'” the former president-elect laughed. “I don’t have to fight for Young. McAuliffe did it for me.”

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