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“The Storm of Love”: Close Fürstenhof

“The Storm of Love”: Close Fürstenhof

Of course they haveLove stormFans have already noticed: ARD series He goes on summer vacation for three weeks. to do this Seb shower Alphonse is now also voiced in an amusing way.

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What actually happens at the Fürstenhof whenLove stormIs it really summer break? For fans who have already asked themselves that basic question, the ARD broadcasters now in fact have a Very funny and entertaining video A post that takes us behind the scenes of the Fürstenhof in a slightly different way. And I have just answered the question of what is really going on at the Fürstenhof while the ‘new’ love storm brazenly stops.

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“The Storm of Love”: Sep Schauer as Alphonse explains why the Hotel Fürstenhof is closed

Because even in summer, dear Alfons Sonnbichler is active as a receptionist and greets Mr. Strobel on the phone. The gentleman is looking for a three-week break with a lot of cycling, which of course refers to the summer break and the replacement of the “storm of love” with the infamous “Tour de France”. But when Alphonse then learned that the supposed guest had wanted to be a guest at the Fürstenhof during the summer holidays, he apologised:

“I’m sorry, but I have to disappoint you. The Fürstenhof has now been closed for three weeks.” In fact, Alfons also reveals the official reason for actually closing the Fürstenhof: “Well, inventory and minor renovations. And also external influences.” This should answer the question as to what the official reason in the “Love Storm” world is as to why Hotel Fürstenhof closed its doors for several weeks.

“Love Storm”: After the summer break, things go wild

In fact, “Storm of Love” fans now have to wait until July 24th to catch new episodes of their favorite series on ARD. The first episodes after summer break also have it all: Not only is the wedding disaster decimated, it ends with a multiple exit at the Fürstenhof. Besides, it also looks like Max and Leander can find new love. You will find out more in a few weeks about “Love Storm” in the beginning.

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