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The space is occupied 1,200 times a year: donation to JFV Alsfeld

The space is occupied 1,200 times a year: donation to JFV Alsfeld

Alsfeld (oz / pf) – Support from OVAG for the Alsfeld Youth Development Association: District Manager Manfred Görig was able to provide a grant of €7,500 to Chairman Carsten Weitzel for the game and training operations.

As the name suggests, the association only looks after children and young adults. It currently has around 220 members and has eight youth football teams in the performance-oriented field. “Our young footballers use the Linden sports ground every day, plus many teams from the entire Vogelsberg region come to Alsfeld to train on our artificial turf field,” says Carsten Weitzel. This means that more than 1,200 stadium occupancy counted. per season. “In the 2021/22 season, we played 224 matches and 984 training sessions,” Witzel recounts.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” commented District Administrator Manfred Jauregg. In addition, the municipal sports development plan for the region indicated the need for the facility – also with regard to the limited capacity of the hall. “With the artificial turf system, we have been able and continue to close the bottlenecks. Extensive use of the artificial turf field can save hall occupancy times for other clubs,” confirms the district manager, who hands the OVAG grant to the club earmarked to cover the costs of ongoing operations.