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The sister was kicked out of the restaurant - a police operation

The sister was kicked out of the restaurant – a police operation

Uma Obama, Barack Obama’s half-sister, rocks out in Mallorca. In the end the police had to show up.

The basics in brief

  • Uma Obama wanted to enjoy the holidays in Mallorca after her “Let’s Dance” adventure.
  • But a bad-tempered waiter spoils her day.
  • He doesn’t want to take her daughter’s allergy seriously.

“I was really shocked today,” says Uma Obama, 61. Instagram to speak. The half-sister of former US President Barack Obama was kicked out of a restaurant on the Spanish island of Mallorca for the holidays! And this at all times birthday Her daughter Akini (24 years old).

Recovery looks different – and it was really needed. Just a few weeks ago, Uma Obama was fighting in RTLDance show “Let’s Dance” on the coveted trophy. There she became one of the public’s favorites and danced her way to fifth place.

The German-Kenyan author documents the incident Instagram She explains: She asked the waiter to leave out some of the ingredients because her daughter has a different allergy. This infuriated the waiter, which escalated the situation on the Balearic Island.

“We got in trouble. They kicked us out of the restaurant and insulted us in the rain,” Uma Obama continues angrily.

Police move because of Barack Obama’s sister

She is appalled that the staff at the restaurant did not take Akinis’ allergy seriously. “It’s terrifying what could happen to my daughter.”

Barack Obama’s relatives no longer accept the absurd situation – they even called the police!

The officials not only understood Uma Obama’s anger, but were also very helpful. “They were great and they got us one Taxi call. “

Do you understand why Uma Obama called the police?

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