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The simple procedure has a huge advantage for users

The simple procedure has a huge advantage for users

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WhatsApp will make it easier for its users to log in again in the future. The messaging service relies on modern technology.

Dortmund – The WhatsApp messaging service was recently opened X (formerly Twitter) shared an innovation with his followers. Initially, only Android users will get a password-less method through which they can log in more easily (More digital news on RUHR24).

Innovation in WhatsApp: A simple action has big benefits for users

This method provides the option to log in without a password, which is possible using so-called passkeys. Consumers can access their WhatsApp account using their face, fingerprint or PIN, according to the new feature X It has been described.

Modern technology is said to provide “the strongest protection against threats such as phishing.” In the support document from Google Please note that when setting up passkeys on a cell phone, the following functions must be activated: screen lock and Bluetooth. Unlike traditional passwords, this technology aims to provide more security.

WhatsApp introduces an innovation: registration is possible without a password

Data disappearance: The password can fall into the hands of hackers – especially if the same password is used everywhere, warns the Internet portal Haze online. In order to ensure greater security for WhatsApp users, passkeys use “asymmetric encryption.”

More specifically, it uses a “randomly generated long string” that can be compared to an encryption key. Passkeys are never passed to web services and remain exclusively on your own device.

WhatsApp rolls out innovation: How are passkeys issued?

As we mentioned at the beginning, WhatsApp users can generate passkeys using their Android device. Once the screen lock is activated, you can sign in using your fingerprint or Face ID, for example. This way the passkey is released.

It is still unclear when exactly this innovation will be available to iOS users. The messaging service introduces changes periodically to ensure greater security and privacy. That is why it may happen that the mobile number present on WhatsApp has suddenly disappeared.

Innovation in WhatsApp: Thanks to passkeys, users have a huge advantage – they can make their accounts more secure (avatar). © Omar Marquez/SOPA Images/Imago

Last year, users received an update to WhatsApp that ensured more security when typing. With this change, the identification company prioritizes the protection of individual accounts.