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The second ship leaves Odessa, despite the blockade

The second ship leaves Odessa, despite the blockade

Despite the termination of the grain agreement with Ukraine announced by Russia, the bulk cargo ship left the port of Odessa. According to the Marinetraffic’s data logger, the ship left Odessa this morning en route to Varna, Bulgaria.


The Primus is already the second cargo ship to set off from Odessa through Ukrainian ports, despite a naval blockade imposed once again by Russia. The ship flies the Liberian flag and has been in port since the end of February. At the time it was still getting there under the name “Polarstar”.

Ride at your own risk

In the meantime, it has changed ownership and is now owned by a shipping company from Singapore. It is not clear what cargo the Primus is carrying on board. In mid-August, the German container freighter Josef Schulte left port and used the sea lane that Ukraine had reserved for merchant ships without incident.

In mid-July, Moscow withdrew its security guarantees for the grain corridor to Turkey. Instead, it added, all ships docking at Ukrainian ports would be considered carrying military cargo. According to Ukrainian information, civilian vessels are navigating the designated lane at their own risk.