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From the cinema to the pool: Navalny’s team explores extravagant luxury on Putin’s yacht

From the cinema to the pool: Navalny’s team explores extravagant luxury on Putin’s yacht

Vladimir Putin’s graceful yacht doesn’t lack in amenities.

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A cinema that turns into a swimming pool with the push of a button and a carpet for 48 thousand euros: Russian President Vladimir Putin spent tens of millions to convert his luxury yacht. Alexei Navalny’s research team has now discovered the extravagant extravagance.

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  • €48,000 for the rug and €10,000 for the bathroom mirror: a lot of money was spent on renovating Vladimir Putin’s ‘Graceful’ yacht.
  • According to Alexei Navalny’s research team, the conversion of the luxury liner cost a total of $32 million.
  • Special craze: The on-board cinema room can be transformed into a swimming pool at the push of a button.

$32 Million – Vladimir Putin is said to have invested this huge sum in refurbishing his luxury yacht ‘Graceful’. This was revealed by the research team of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny via Twitter. A total of 145 pages meticulously listing the details of the ship’s conversion. One thing becomes clear: luxury seems to be aplenty on the 82-meter boat, which is said to be worth more than $100 million.

According to the documents, the ship was initially in Germany for repairs in the spring of 2022 before the owner, unhappy with the progress, brought it to Kaliningrad.

Excess as far as the eye can see on the plane

A fresh coat of paint on the hull, new landing pads for the helicopters, an entirely new set of furniture – almost nothing was left untouched during the ship’s renovation. Navalny’s team was especially amazed by the fact that the transformation cost many millions: “Half of the country is forced to collect money to buy underwear and stockings for mobilized soldiers and produce trench candles.”

And a series of shots from inside the ship released by Navalny’s team reflect the ship’s abundance. The carpet in the bedroom alone is said to cost €48,000. The room also contains columns, upholstered chairs, and a door that leads to the outside deck, as well as a sofa that is said to have cost €40,000.

They did not save much on the bathrooms either, as €10,000 was to be paid for the mirrors and only half a million euros for the ornate marble floors and walls made of the same precious stone. The amount for the headboard of the guest bed also looks insane: €22,571.

“Linked to Putin”: the yacht is on the US sanctions list

On-board leisure activities also offer many alternatives, with one cabin presenting itself as a true fast-changing artist. Accordingly, you can transform the dance floor in the spacious cinema hall into a swimming pool at the touch of a button. “The floor was lowered and the gap was filled with water,” explains investigative journalist Maria Pevchikh.

In addition to revealing the fascinating inner workings, the research team also provides comprehensive evidence that Putin himself actually proposed converting the ship. Accordingly, the school friend of the Russian president is the owner of the marine company in which the boat was initially registered.

Besides, staff have been assigned to Putin’s former yacht Scheherazade in Gracefall. As evidence of this, the journalists also point out that the ship “Graceful” is on the US sanctions list – with the notation “linked to Putin”.