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The revamped Google Assistant is on its way to Wear OS

The revamped Google Assistant is on its way to Wear OS

In the next few months, it should come to the Galaxy Watch4. There is also good news for those who love to listen to music on the go. […]


the google browser– The assistant gets the facelift procedure and becomes noticeably faster. After several leaks Google confirms it now (engl.) A completely new version will appear. In addition to the new look, Google announces “faster response times than ever before on your watch.”

‘In the coming months’ should Google Assistant On the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is coming (our test). You can then download it as an app via the Play Store. Once set up, the digital assistant is woken up as usual via “Hey Google”.

Finally: In the next few months, the Assistant is coming to the Galaxy Watch4(c)

YouTube Premium: Listen to music on the go

In addition, everyone should WearsiOS devices have the ability to stream YouTube music over Wi-Fi and LTE instead of asking for a download first. The feature is said to be available on the Galaxy Watch4 and other Wear OS devices. A YouTube Premium subscription is required for this.


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