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The restored statue of Jesus was once again hung in the old place

The restored statue of Jesus was once again hung in the old place

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It was restored for free: the statue of Christ now hangs on the Bachner cross again. © Alexander Krause

After almost half a year, the stolen head of Jesus on the Bachner cross on the Jägersteig towards Kruzek was returned to its old place.

Martin Ostler repaired the damaged figure for free. The sculptor re-sculpted the damaged areas. Johann Ostler is very grateful to him. “The cross must be preserved,” says Greenauer, who has been caring for it for years and who estimates the Christ figure to be 120 years old. There is a reason why Johann Ostler was interested in the Pachner Cross. Johann Ritz, his wife's grandfather, was a local carpenter in the mid-1950s and created Marterl on a cattle pasture towards Kruzec.

The cross with the Marian Grotto in the concrete base gradually fell into disrepair. Johann Ostler restored Christ, repainted it, repaired the wooden cross, then in 2001 put the field cross back in place and left it to shine in new splendor. The amateur sculptor was even sadder when he learned in September 2023 that unknown people had literally beheaded the Lord God. The badly damaged statue was found by hikers a few days later, and now sculptor Martin Ostler has obtained it for free.

Restore. The Rev. Joseph Kunitzer is also happy with the renovated memorial. The priest from the Diocesan Association of Garmisch, Burgren and Grenau plans to bless the restored cross. “Great, you can see how important the cross is,” he says. Kunitzer is grateful to have people like Martin and Johan Ostler. “It is wonderful that the state of the cross has been restored and has meaning again.”