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Professor Ingo Frobos in an interview

Professor Ingo Frobos in an interview

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Many people want to lose weight, and sometimes they diet without success. Mathematical scientist Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse is based on human metabolism when losing weight. In an interview with IPPEN.MEDIA, he revealed how we can strengthen it.

Finally lose weight and stay fit permanently: For many people, this condition is a dream that is difficult to achieve – despite numerous diets. Professor Dr. However, Ingo Frobos (67) has some advice: The sports world swears by human metabolism for successful weight loss. About the mechanism of turbo metabolism Froböse already wrote various booksFor example “Metabolic compass“or”Anti-tummy tuck formulaWritten. In an interview with IPPEN.MEDIA, he reveals tips on how to use your metabolism to your advantage.

Dear Professor Dr. Froböse, how can we use metabolism to our advantage if we want to lose weight?

Professor Dr. says: Ingo Froboz in an interview with IPPEN.MEDIA. © Christoph Hardt/Imago

It is important that the metabolism occurs at maximum speed. Metabolism is the body's institution of supply, distribution, and energy production. You have to imagine that the metabolism produces 60-80 kg of energy per day to ensure all body functions and also a body temperature of 36.6°C. It becomes clear that a well-functioning and well-adjusted metabolism ensures that we remain vital and efficient. Secondly, it ensures the optimal balance between all components of the body and internal organs. The better your metabolism, the better we help regulate body weight. If you want to lose weight, you need a healthy metabolism.

Many experts believe that breakfast plays an important role on your way to your desired weight. Regarding metabolism: Do you see it clearly and what do you personally eat for breakfast to do something beneficial for your metabolism?

During the day we have an energy metabolism so we can function optimally on the highway of life, and at night we have a completely different metabolism, a building metabolism with completely different functions. At night we rebuild, repair and restore, while during the day we must be fueled primarily by our metabolism. This shows that we definitely have to follow a metabolism-friendly diet so that we can adapt to the different rhythms of day and night, stress and rest.

It's obvious to me that I start my day with an energy-rich breakfast. When I go on a car trip, the tank is filled first. The same applies in a similar way to the human being. How else is it supposed to be able to perform its vital functions and maintain our body temperature? If you want to do something good for your metabolism, you have to eat. I always start with a large glass of lemon water to quickly replenish fluids from the night. For breakfast, there's usually healthy bread – currently I'm loving Kamut bread – as well as a variety of muesli, which consists of oat flakes, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, hemp seeds, a little algae oil and natural yoghurt. I usually drink about a liter of herbal tea with this. Then I am equipped for the day with all the essential macro and micro nutrients.

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You have dedicated your own book to visceral belly fat: can you offer two simple daily tips to prevent the formation of this unhealthy fat and how to get rid of it?

Visceral belly fat is really dangerous because it is hormonally active, and its presence directly on the organs leads to enormous and diverse harmful effects on health. The most important thing in this context, which is also very easy to implement and very important for daily life, are small meal breaks of between four and six hours. It should be observed at least twice in daily life. This means that after eating a good breakfast, do not give your body more energy-dense foods or drinks for the next four to six hours. Only water and unsweetened white, green or black tea and coffee are allowed – but no sugar or cream. The same applies after lunch until the evening. This gives the metabolism the opportunity to finally catch a breath and carry out its actual tasks. I always call it a small but daily fast.

Ensure uniform combustion. Reduce your sitting time by being active for at least five minutes every hour. Always be active during your lunch break and on your way home in the evening. Walk around the block, ride a bike, or go to the gym. It is important for them to become active and increase their metabolism every now and then. You will notice this because your breathing rate and heart rate will become faster – an indicator that your metabolism has now awakened from its coma. Climb the stairs regularly: then you will notice that your metabolism does not need to fear more stress.

In a previous one Interviewed by IPPEN.MEDIA, she advises never to fight fat: What exactly do you mean by that and how can people who want to lose weight lose weight successfully?

This is true, because there are many people who, for example, have starved themselves to such an extent through so many diets that they no longer have any muscle mass. It may look good on the scale, but it ends up being metabolically unhealthy. This is because weight loss should always revolve around normalizing body composition – that is, balancing all parts of the body. It will never be about fighting fat.

Instead, the active mass of cells, i.e. muscle cells, should increase again. This is the only way to normalize body composition, which means that women must have 30% muscle mass and men must have about 40% muscle mass in order for their metabolism to function normally again. So, forget about fighting fat from now on, never save too many calories, train your muscles. Because muscle is the biggest enemy of fat. In this regard, muscles will help you live a normal and energetic life again and at the same time put an end to fat mass.