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Wash your feet with soap – or is water enough?

Wash your feet with soap – or is water enough?

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Many people assume that feet can also be cleaned with water. But there are good reasons why you should wash them regularly with soap.

When it comes to personal hygiene, most people agree that regular showering is a must. But what about washing your feet? Do you have to wash it with soap every day or is just rinsing it with water enough? Podiatrist Sinta Kammhofer explains in an interview with the health insurance company OKWhat's important when it comes to proper foot care.

Wash your feet daily with mild soap

Therefore, it is usually not enough to let the water flow on your feet. Dirt dissolves this way, but bacteria and fungi can survive. To prevent athlete's foot, you should wash your feet daily with mild soap, rinse them, and then dry them well, according to an article by Answerappearance Visit. After that you should apply the lotion to your feet. Natural body lotion is enough here.

Do you rarely scrub your feet while showering? That I'm not alone in this. © Frédéric Séro/Imago

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Podiatrist Sinta Kammhofer also recommends cleaning the feet daily with soap. This should be mild and without chemical additives, like a foot expert OK– says the interviewer. The daily care program also includes the use of nail oil, which is applied to hardened or thickened areas of skin on the toenails. “Daily foot care is especially easy with a washcloth, as users can also thoroughly clean the spaces between the toes,” Kammhofer recommends.

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Choose natural fibers and dry your feet especially well after washing

The above recommendations apply to people who wear shoes and socks not made entirely of natural fibers every day. Synthetic materials, combined with a little ventilation, ensure a warm and humid environment – ​​the perfect home for many bacteria and fungi.

Tips for perfect foot care

Use a mild, pH-neutral soap to wash your feet. Avoid harsh soaps or scented products that can irritate the skin.

Dry your feet well after washing them, especially between the toes. According to podiatrist Sinta Kammhofer, residual moisture can cause small micro-cracks in the spaces between the toes, through which bacteria can penetrate the skin and cause inflammation.

Wear breathable socks made of natural materials such as cotton or wool.

Change your socks daily.

Take care of your feet regularly with a foot cream or balm.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that do not squeeze or scratch.

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