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The restaurant guest is angry about the waitress's deception

The restaurant guest is angry about the waitress's deception

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The waiter simply charged this guest an approximately 25 percent tip without asking — which didn't even appear on the guest's bill (left). © Screenshot/Reddit

A guest encounters an unpleasant surprise in an American restaurant. The waitress manipulates the bill to her advantage.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Restaurant bills continue to spark anger and anger. For example, a double-digit cover charge at a Hamburg restaurant was not well received by guests at all. However, the attempted robbery by a waitress at an American restaurant was much more brazen.

She simply gave herself an above-average tip on the guest's account, which did not even appear on the guest's bill. However, while he was still at the restaurant, the man noticed that the debit from his account did not match the bill amount. He then reported the incident in a post on Reddit. Many people there were horrified by the behavior of the restaurant employee.

The waitress writes an approximately 25 percent tip on the guest's restaurant bill without being asked

The waitress shouldn't have cheated in the first place. “I used to work in catering, and always tip around 15-20%, regardless of service,” the guest wrote at the beginning of his post.

The guest continues: “After dinner, I took… [die Kellnerin] My card, I put it on the receipt (on the left) that said $34.39, and said, “Okay, you can go!” I was confused and thought maybe she didn't charge me because I couldn't leave a tip, so I checked my bank account and saw a charge of $42.68.

He spent ten minutes trying to get the waitress's attention to resolve the discrepancy. The waitress did not return until he spoke to the restaurant manager and claimed that the point-of-sale system automatically calculated a 20 percent tip while he was distracted. However, this may not be entirely true as the discount will only be $41.27.

Outraged by attempted restaurant fraud – Guest takes action against waitress

In order not to cause a fuss, the guest asked for the correct bill (on the right), which included the gratuity, and left the restaurant. When he later expressed his displeasure on Reddit, many commenters shared his anger. “This is illegal and simply unacceptable” is just one of many angry comments.

Some users advised the guest not to leave the incident behind and report it to higher authorities. For example, one user wrote: “Report this to the company. How did this happen to so many others, especially elderly people who tip.”

In response to a similar comment, the author of the post confirms that he did just that: “You are absolutely right. “We will contact the company and also call the restaurant tomorrow to speak to a manager.” Unfortunately, it is unknown if the company responded and if there were consequences for the waitress.

In the comments, people often criticize tipping culture in the United States in general. The appropriate amount of tip varies from one country to another. However, in America, gratuity for service is almost mandatory, as many waitresses and waiters make ends meet only this way. That's why it's customary to tip 20 percent at a restaurant. (sp)

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