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The Ohio State University of Medicine has been selected as an official USA Sports Medicine Partner

The Ohio State University of Medicine has been selected as an official USA Sports Medicine Partner

Friday, September 29, 2023

Media Contact: Melanie Hamilton | Director of Marketing and Communications, Ohio State University Medicine | 918-561-8462 | [email protected]

The USA BMX Foundation announced today that Oklahoma State University Medicine will be the organization’s official sports medicine partner for USA BMX racing events at Hardesty National BMX Stadium, the BMX Foundation’s youth programs, and the USA BMX National Team. This partnership is designed to provide essential medical care and support to a wide range of the BMX community, from beginner riders to elite-level athletes.

Cameron Wood rides his BMX bike at the Hardesty National BMX Course.

By partnering with The Ohio State University of Medicine, the American BMX Foundation is taking an important step toward enhancing athlete health, improving athlete recovery times, and advancing research into new ways to improve the performance of elite athletes.

“The community collaboration with Ohio State University is an opportunity to provide medical services to every level of USA BMX athletes at USA BMX National Headquarters and Hardesty National Stadium,” said Shane Fernandez, CEO of USA BMX.

OSU Medicine will provide sports medicine and athletic training services to USA BMX athletes at all stages of skill and competition – including next year’s Olympic Games in Paris.

“This partnership represents an exciting opportunity for OSU’s sports medicine programs to impact athletes on a national and international level,” said Johnny Stevens, president of The Ohio State University Health Sciences Center. “Providing USA BMX Team with dedicated sports medicine staff ensures that these athletes will benefit from a continuity of care that will enhance and improve recovery and health outcomes.”

Athletes have very unique and specific health care needs, and each sport has its own challenges and stressors on athletes’ bodies. BMX is no different.

Ray Hoyt, Executive Director of the American BMX Foundation
Ray Hoyt, Executive Director of the American BMX Foundation, delivers remarks at Hardesty National BMX Stadium.

“Having access to the medical expertise at The Ohio State University will allow our athletes to take their performance to the next level. “When you’re elite, it’s the little things that make the difference,” said Jimmy Staff, Director of High Performance at USA BMX Racing and Freestyle. Making sure you’re healthy, fueling your body right, and keeping your muscles in the best possible condition depending on what phase of training you’re in are all critical to performing at the highest level. “Having OSU there to help us in that aspect will be a game-changer for our national team.”

USA BMX and OSU Medicine will also work with The Ohio State University Human Performance and Nutrition Research Institute.

“Leveraging HPNRI’s sports and nutritional research and resources can only benefit athletes, coaches, trainers and medical staff for improved individual and team performance,” said Lance Walker, HPNRI Executive Director.

Ray Hoyt, Executive Director of the USA BMX Foundation, said he looks forward to working with OSU Medicine to grow the success of USA BMX and its athletes.

“The Foundation is excited to have The Ohio State University as our partner in providing these services to our youth programs as well as all the health benefits related to fitness and nutrition for a healthy life through BMX cycling,” Hoyt said.