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The new “White Odyssey” event starts this week and brings 3 additional rewards

The new “White Odyssey” event starts this week and brings 3 additional rewards

Pokémon GO's “White Odyssey” event begins next weekend. This has a new twist and bonuses in its baggage.

When does “The White Odyssey” begin? The event starts on Saturday, January 6, 2024 at 10:00 AM. It will then continue until Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at 8:00 PM local time.

What is the most important thing about the event? This may be the first appearance of Lycanroc's twilight form. This is a further development for Pokémon Wuffel, which has been in the game for a long time. However, there is an important point that coaches must take into consideration.

Only “some” Wuffels that trainers pick up or hatch from the start of the event can evolve into their twilight form instead of the previously known day and night forms. So it can be assumed that Wuffels caught so far are not eligible for the Twilight Form and new Wuffels are not guaranteed either.

In this event, Wuffels appear in Tier 1 raids, in 2km and 7km eggs, and in Field Research.

What are the upcoming rewards? In addition to the new development, you'll find three in-game rewards centered around your friend's Pokémon.

  • They often bring you souvenirs.
  • It also brings you more gifts, which means more items for you.
  • They appear on the map longer if you feed them Berries or Crunchies. So you have more time to collect hearts with them.

Special research: The special quest “Immortal Journeys” will continue.

Pokémon GO shows off the “Timeless Journeys” season in the trailer

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Which Pokémon will appear in this event? Odyssey White?

Here we show you the genesis of the event. Possible luminescence is marked with an asterisk*.


  • Nabulk*
  • Evie*
  • Webrak*
  • heart of the sun*
  • tediursa*
  • Lunastone*
  • Sonnenville*
  • Manager*
  • emantis*
  • bubongos*
  • Basiana*
  • Nitara*


  • Step 1: Hisui-Fukano*, Rehorn*, Hisui-Snibal*, Waffles*
  • Level 3: Lapras*, Aerodactyl*, Hisoe-washaquil*, Damether*

egg: Waffle* hatches from 2km and 7km eggs as well as regular egg pool monsters.

Field research:

  • Hisui Fukano*
  • Hisui Sniffel*
  • waffle*

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