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The action-packed shooter for PC: Indie is available for free today on the Epic Games Store

The action-packed shooter for PC: Indie is available for free today on the Epic Games Store

As part of the Epic Games Store's Christmas promotion, users can secure new games for free every day until January 4. Over the next 24 hours, you can fight your way through several nocturnal hordes for free with indie shooter 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

At the end of the year, gaming fans can once again benefit from free games and attractive discounts in the Epic Games Store.

It will be from December 20 until the new year New free game every day Which will then be available for free download for 24 hours.

The puzzle game “20 Minutes Till Dawn” worth €4.49 can be downloaded absolutely free until January 3 at 5pm.

The manufacturer describes the game as follows:

In 20 minutes until dawn, face the onslaught of endless hordes and survive through the night. Create dynamic builds from a variety of weapons, runes, and special abilities to survive for 20 minutes. Are you strong enough to see daylight again, or will you allow the creatures of the night to consume you?

Epic Games Christmas Promotion: Download Free Full Versions

Free games on the Epic Games Store

20 minutes to dawn: Can you face and survive the hordes of the night?

Image: Image: Epic Games

Each free game is open for 24 hours – rotation is scheduled at 5:00pm every day. The Epic Games Store does not disclose in advance which games are offered for free. So let yourself be surprised!

In addition to free games, users can also Look forward to discount offers. Many games on the Epic Games Store are discounted by up to 75 percent. There is also a €10 discount voucher, which can be redeemed on purchases of €15 or more.

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