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The new Netflix series has been canceled after only one season - despite being in the top ten

The new Netflix series has been canceled after only one season – despite being in the top ten

Netflix is ​​once again living up to its reputation as it ruthlessly squeezes two new series: Despite forays into the top ten of streaming services, the end has now followed.

With Netflix subscribers, fear likely accompanies every new series. After all, you can never be sure if the title will get renewed or if you’ve just spent an entire season learning to love the characters and rooting for the plot, only to finally see the often-heard message: Netflix- Off after only one season.

Those who must come to terms with this reality now Partner path wow “The shortcomings” I watched and wished for more episodes. as such Limit I mentioned, neither title found an audience of a size that would justify a second season. At first glance, one might think this move comes as a surprise, after all, “Partner Track” and “The Imperfects” made them into the top ten of the streaming charts. However, this is not the first time that Netflix has proven that this means nothing:

Netflix has high hopes for ‘Partner Track’

Especially since supposed success is really only available at first glance. “Partner Track” started with 16.7 million watch hours only in its first weekend and never rose above number four in the charts. “The Imperfects” reached number three at first, but just like the other discontinued series, it stayed in the top ten for only three weeks. The streaming service anticipates more replays and therefore takes relentless action when making calls beyond cost that justifies no further.

According to Deadline, Netflix in particular was hoping “Partner Track” would have a new series on hand. Accordingly, the first season ended with a major event and the authors are said to have already come up with ideas for a possible additional season before the series begins. However, that hope was not confirmed when the series was launched which revolves around an idealistic lawyer who must assert himself in a male-dominated law firm. The same is true of The Imperfects, where the trio fall victim to genetic experiments that turn them into monsters. So they decided to track down the responsible scientist. Fans will no longer find out how this struggle ends.

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