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The new FritzBox update begins: users can look forward to a number of new features

The new FritzBox update begins: users can look forward to a number of new features

Some FritzBoxes are receiving a new update from AVM. Here we showcase the innovations that users can look forward to.

Router manufacturer AVM has a new Fritz lab for Fritzbox 5590 Viper, 5530 Viper, 7590AX and 7530AX published. This is the release candidate for the upcoming FritzOS 7.80 fiber update, which is planned exclusively for the mentioned models.

Like AVM on his page website He writes, The Fritz 5590 Fiber and 5530 Fiber boxes get the following improvements: Users receive a new fiber optic overview on the user interface. Important information about the connection, speed, connection type and quality is displayed there. In addition, simplified setup for internet access is available from more and more providers such as Deutsche Telekom, 1&1, Vodafone and O2. In addition, the “FritzBox Info” payment service has been expanded to include detailed information about the fiber connection.

New FritzBox update: These improvements are in place

AVM has released a new Fritz Lab for four Fritz boxes.

Photo: AVM

For owners of FritzBoxes 7590 AX and 7530 AX, setup is simplified when connecting to a fiber optic modem (ONT). In addition, the speed between the FritzBox's LAN 1/WAN and fiber modem will be displayed on the overview page in the future. Additionally, you receive all four models Detailed improvements.

Additionally, there will be an assistant for initial device setup in the MyFritz app for iOS and Android in the future. This aims to guide users step by step through installation on their smartphone or tablet. The app also provides information about guest WiFi access, parental controls, call blocking, and much more.

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