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The RTS genre will never be mainstream

The RTS genre will never be mainstream

I remember former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi once said that RPGs were only for nerds. He didn't mean it kindly. But when Arthur Bruno, president of Crate Entertainment, says real-time strategy games are only for nerds, he means it well. He and his team, who are also working on the RTS as well as the Farthest Frontier development strategy, don't want to change that at all.

Strategy games should be a niche genre

If you want to develop an RTS, you really have to want to, because according to Bruno, many publishers are not interested in financially supporting a project of this type. “About two years ago, I had a meeting with Embracer Group, who wanted to interview us for an acquisition,” Bruno said in an interview with Embracer Group. Computer players. “They asked what we were working on, and when I mentioned RTS, people visibly groaned. They said, 'RTS is inherently just for PC, so why work on a game for one platform when you could do something for' multiple platforms and a different genre?”

Bruno sees the genre being overlooked by big companies as a “huge opportunity” because relatively small studios like Crate can fill the gap and perhaps have a surprise hit. But it's not about achieving utopian sales numbers. “When I look at interviews now with people working on RTS games at other companies, a lot of them are trying to figure out how to make RTS more mainstream.” For him, he's a “nerd type” and if that were to change, it wouldn't be the type of RTS he himself would want to play.