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ESC 2024 in Sweden: Ladaneva for Armenia in 8th place

ESC 2024 in Sweden: Ladaneva for Armenia in 8th place


“Jaco”, 2024 in Malmo (final) (8th place, 183 points, including 101 points for the jury)

As of: May 12, 2024 at 3:50 AM

Armenian broadcaster AMPTV has selected the duo Ladaniva as an act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Ladaniva performed in Malmö with the song “Jaco”.

Ladaneva consists of Armenian singer Jacqueline Bagdasaryan and French multi-instrumentalist Louis Thomas. In their music, the two combine Armenian folklore with different styles such as Malawi, jazz and reggae as well as traditional melodies. They draw inspiration from their extensive travels through Latin America, Africa and the island of Reunion. Their mission is clear: to connect people and cultures through their music.

“This year, we are pleased to present a unique and multicultural participation that will make everyone dance to the tune of their hearts and convey a meaningful message with fun and lightness!”
David Tsirunyan, Head of the Delegation of Armenia

video: Armenia: Ladaneva – “Jaco” | ESC 2024 Final (3 minutes)

“Jaco” – an ode to freedom

The entry of the Franco-Armenian duo into the European Economic and Social Committee is a tribute to freedom that transcends norms and customs. The catchy melody combined with dynamic images, traditional elements and uneven rhythm seem to want to adapt to the pace of the day. In the here and now, tradition and the spirit of freedom meet – culminating in the following lines:

“Act like a girl! But I'm a free girl, so I'll dance and you'll watch!”

The car model gave it its name

LadaNiva was founded in 2019. The duo's name is inspired by the Lada Niva off-road vehicle popular in the Soviet Union and symbolizes the band's adventurous spirit and their journeys across different cultures and traditions. Jacqueline and Louis accidentally discovered that their father owned the same car when they were living in Armenia and France, hence the name of the band Ladaniva. “The Lada Niva is a car that goes anywhere and climbs unexplored heights, just like us in our squad,” Jacqueline explains.

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Armenia Photo: Britta Pedersen

Armenia made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. Since then, the country has been regularly represented. more

Armenian duo ESC Ladaniva © AMPTV/Robert Koloyan Photography: Robert Koloyan

2 minutes

Ladaneva will compete for Armenia in the European Council with Jako. Here is the official music video for the song. 2 minutes

LADANIVA at the ESC Theater in Malmö.  © EBU Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett

3 minutes

Folkloric and colorful: Ladaneva duet from Armenia with the song “Jaco” in the second semi-final of the ESC Championship 2024. 3 minutes

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