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The mini-Olympics in skiing organized by the head of the Islamic Salvation Front, Ilyash, is in danger of failing

The mini-Olympics in skiing organized by the head of the Islamic Salvation Front, Ilyash, is in danger of failing

The main event of the FIS initiated by President Johan Elias is in danger of collapsing. Image: Cornerstone

Norway will not host the first FIS Games. Now, only the Swiss nomination remains in the race. But does Swiss Ski really want to hold the event given the recent disagreements with the World Association?

March 20, 2024, 11:28 amMarch 20, 2024 at 2:01 pm

Reiner Somerhalder

On Tuesday, the Norwegian Ski Association informed the FIS that it would withdraw its candidacy to host the first show of the FIS Games in 2028. In the future, the major event, initiated by President Johan Eliasz, will be held at half-time between the two Winter Olympics. In this way, all the sports represented in the International Ski Federation will take place in a region over the course of 16 days.

The term “mini-Olympics” is not entirely correct because, according to the wishes of the FIS, there are 116 sets of medals to be distributed at the FIS Games – more than at the Winter Olympics. Competitions will be held in the disciplines of alpine skiing, nordic skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, freeriding, distance skiing, speed skiing as well as in para-alpine, nordic and snowboarding.

epa11018781 Lara Gut-Bahrami of Switzerland competes during the women's downhill race at the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup in St. Moritz, Switzerland, December 09, 2023. EPA/JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOTT

Lara Gut-Bahrami at the World Cup race in St. Moritz.Image: Cornerstone

After the withdrawal, only Switzerland, along with the city of St. Moritz, remains in the race for the first bid after four years. The organizer is scheduled to be chosen at the conference, which will be held in Iceland at the beginning of June. However, Swiss Ski's appetite for this event has never been greater.

Swiss Ski has not yet decided whether it will actually be available as an organizer or whether it will withdraw its candidacy. After the recent behavior of the World Federation regarding the World Alpine Skiing Championships in Crans-Montana, the basis of trust in cooperation is currently missing.

Specifically, Swiss Ski says it expects answers to many open questions from FIS before making a final decision. It will be a personal defeat for FIS president Johan Eliach if the prestigious event, which was scheduled to be held in 2024, does not premiere in four years.

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Source: Keystone/Jean-Christophe Bout

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