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The medieval survival setting mashup can now be played cooperatively

The medieval survival setting mashup can now be played cooperatively

The already very popular Medieval Dynasty now has a multiplayer mode (as announced). The free co-op update is now available to download on Steam (those playing on Playstation or Xbox will have to wait until Spring 2024) and with it comes a new map in which players can experience a new story campaign. The Oxbow region looks very attractive, but of course players have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to survive the coming winter.

This is how multiplayer works in the Middle Ages

In theory, the Oxbow map can be played alone, but it is designed for up to four players. By working together, building a thriving village becomes much easier because tasks can be distributed. Farming, hunting, building, adventuring – there’s so much to do. Of course, there are already some NPCs living in the area who hand out quests to players, mess with them, or act as potential romances.

Players can communicate via chat or emoticons. This is important because if everyone does everything that comes to mind, the inhospitable medieval world will quickly show you the limits. Wildlife, dynamic weather, and changing seasons can present challenges for Oxbow residents. In order to protect yourself from the forces of nature, you have to work hard to collect resources and build houses.

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