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The highest paid coach in the world

The highest paid coach in the world

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Emma Hayes has become the highest paid coach in the world. © Stephen Flynn/Imago

Emma Hayes is the star among club football coaches. Now I have decided to switch to the American national team.

LONDON – 47-year-old Englishwoman Emma Hayes is a huge star in club football. The Chelsea coach has led the London Premier League women’s team to six championships and is considered a pioneer of cycling-based training. After the season ends, she will leave the club and take on a new role, as coach of the US national team. This move makes her the highest-paid coach in the world, according to the American Federation.

It appears that Hayes earns the same amount as her counterpart, the USA National Team coach

How high Hayes’ salary actually was remained unclear. According to several media reports from the USA, she is said to earn the same amount as her counterpart Gregg Berhalter. He appears to be making $1.6 million in 2022, but is now said to have received a raise following his contract extension. high The athlete Hayes can earn up to $2 million per year.

Until they take over, Twyla Kilgore will remain in his position as an interim solution. Kilgore will then remain with the team as an assistant coach. Hayes will coach the US women’s national team two months before the 2024 Paris Olympics, where the Americans hope to win a medal.

Hayes looks forward to his new assignment: “It’s a great honor.”

“It is a great honor to have the opportunity to coach the most amazing team in the history of world football,” Hayes said. She has long dreamed of being able to coach American women. Her impending engagement has been reported in the US media for weeks.

Hayes has coached Chelsea Women since 2012 and has led them, among other things, to six championships and five FA Cup victories. In 2021 she was named Coach of the Year by FIFA.

After a disappointing World Cup in the summer, in which US Soccer players were eliminated in the round of 16, coach Vlatko Andonovski resigned. Hayes is now supposed to get it right, with her first test awaiting her just two months after taking office. US soccer star Megan Rapinoe fought for equal pay in men’s and women’s soccer a few years ago. With Hayes, it was possible to take the first step in the right direction. (mcb/dpa)