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“The Helen Fisher Show” Big Schlager star treats herself to a skiing trip

“The Helen Fisher Show” Big Schlager star treats herself to a skiing trip

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Would you have recognized the top pop star? The singer is shown in full ski gear on a trip into the snow.

MUNICH – If you scroll through the Instagram stories of stars over the years, you will find different scenes. Some are on pause and are backing down. Others soak in the sun from afar. Then there is the group of snow lovers who document their ski trips. Bastian Schweinsteiger (39 years old) did this recently, as did Guido Kantz (52 years old). Now it's also the turn of the most successful star: Melissa Naschenwing (33 years old).

Melissa Naschenwing followed the call piste. © Screenshots Melissa Naschenwing on Instagram

Melissa Naschenwing on a ski trip

Maybe the Austrian was really interested in having fun in private. Because she doesn't talk much about the trip on her Instagram story. In a short clip, the skier can be seen in the lift against a dreamy backdrop, writing out the term “Kaiserwetter” and accompanying the whole thing with her own song “I love the mountains.” It leaves it open exactly where it is.

Naschenweng then spoke from the mountain and promoted the 2024 Buam Mountain Farmers Tour. She appears in full force wearing a pink helmet. This ski gear, including goggles, is practical for celebrities – it keeps them from being recognized and bothered by fans and they can continue their snow fun.

Melissa Naschenwing without ski clothes
This is what Melissa Naschenwing looks like without her ski clothes. © Zichy/Eibner Press Photo/Imago

Melissa Naschenwing recently appeared as a guest with Helen Fisher

Naschenweng is a big fan of the outdoors, and was recently shown cycling in her home country. At Christmas, she made a major appearance on “The Helen Fisher Show”: she and Fisher (39) sang several rock classics. The show was recorded over two evenings in early December. “Coronation for 2023,” she now writes in a short clip on Instagram alongside Helen Fisher. “Thank you to everyone who wrote me such nice messages and is really happy.” On the other hand, her colleague and compatriot Andreas Gabalier was very polarizing. (flexible) Sources used: Instagram