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The governor is asking the United States for help

Fight the fire

Argentina fire: Governor seeks US help

In the wake of the devastating fire in northeastern Argentina, the governor of the province of Coriandes has called on the US government to help.

(dpa) Gustavo Valdés wrote on Twitter on Sunday night (local time) that “the Corrientes need additional resources to deal with the fire disaster, so I have asked the United States for support through its ambassador to Argentina.” Neighboring Brazil has already sent firefighters and fire engines to Coriandes over the weekend.

7852 sq km of forests, grazing lands and swamps have been burnt so far.

The main stone

According to the Argentine government, 7,852 square kilometers of forest, pastures and swamps have been burned so far – almost a tenth of the total area of ​​the province of Coriander. The fire is spreading fast: most recently, the area burns about 300 square kilometers daily. A large number of firefighters, soldiers and police are engaged in extinguishing the fire. Many fire engines are in use.

Esteros del Iberá National Park is also affected by the fire. Videos show Caymans and Cuckoos fleeing the flames. The Argentine government has estimated the economic damage caused by the fire at 20 billion pesos (165.4 million euros).