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The full moon on May 16, 2022 is a happy time for three zodiac signs!

The full moon on May 16, 2022 is a happy time for three zodiac signs!

On Monday, May 16, 2022, there will be a full moon in the early hours of the morning, from approximately 06:15 AM. This time the so-called Venus Moon is in Scorpio deep. A simultaneous lunar eclipse amplifies the already powerful energies of the full moon. While some zodiac signs suffer, three lucky signs can benefit from the May moon.

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Scorpios are particularly sensitive

After a great weekend, Scorpios also have a great Monday. A lunar eclipse in your sign has a very positive effect on you. Your instinct immediately You clearly feel what is important and how to achieve it. Now you are also drawing your conclusions from the past and you are developing greatly as a result.

You are particularly intuitive when dealing with your fellow human beings. You feel what your peer feels and act so sensitive that one feels safe and secure with you. What great potential!

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Libras collect many ideas

The full moon in Scorpio allows Libras to deal more intensely with their inner life. False fears or wounds from the past are now resurfacing. This may be uncomfortable at first, but if you embrace it, you can break free from old vices and gain strength. Additionally you Full of energy and sparkle with your creativity Whether at work or in your many hobbies.

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Geminis use the full moon for themselves

As a cheerful and graceful Gemini, a dreary mood can help you a little. Which the full moon today brings with him, has no effect. Instead, its powers have a particularly tonic effect on you. You wake up early in the morning feeling good and Feel the great opportunities that the day brings. Write your wishes on a piece of paper and burn it? Small full moon rituals can not hurt and who knows, sometimes dreams come true.

In the evening, Geminis still have to go out among the people, with your charisma you will quickly attract attention and pleasant conversations will arise.

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