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The first LEGO Fortnite LEGO sets are available now

The first LEGO Fortnite LEGO sets are available now

After some time, LEGO's first LEGO Fortnite sets are now available as planned, revealing their exact contents and more.

As previously announced, the first two LEGO sets are now available in the in-game Fortnite store. Unlike the various free updates that LEGO Fortnite has received since its debut, these LEGO sets are optional add-ons that cost V-Bucks, which in turn can be purchased with real money.

Two-packs are available, but items can also be purchased individually. You can save V-Bucks with the packages and note that although Beef Boss is offered alongside the Durrr Burger package, it is not included in it. The character fits well into the LEGO set.

The Beachside Boulevard Bundle includes 1,900 V-Bucks with seven buildings and 44 decorations. The Durr Burger pack is smaller in size but costs 2,000 V-Bucks and includes three buildings and 41 decoration items. A third castle-based LEGO kit will be released on March 16 for 2,500 V-Bucks. You can learn more by clicking here.

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Once you have a LEGO set, you'll be able to view it in a new section under the Locker tab. Note that items are frequently swapped in and out of the Fortnite Item Shop, so these LEGO sets won't always be available.

The addition of structures that can't be created in LEGO Fortnite without spending money has drawn some unhappy reactions from fans. LEGO Fortnite is now available to play on consoles, mobile and PC as part of the free-to-play Fortnite game.

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