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Fortnite is reportedly removing the 'trick' that allowed you to level up the Battle Pass, rendering the game's farming mode useless.

Fortnite is reportedly removing the 'trick' that allowed you to level up the Battle Pass, rendering the game's farming mode useless.

With update 29.00 came some changes fortnite. It appears that Epic has removed the XP bonus when playing LEGO mode. Many players are now complaining about this because it makes the game mode almost useless in the eyes of many users. At least if you want to level up the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is one of the staples of Fortnite. Because with all the quests and things you do in the game, you collect experience points that you can use to unlock new skins or items. So players are always looking for suitable ways to gain experience especially easily.

But it looks like Epic has now tweaked the LEGO mode. At least a number of players are complaining that they are no longer receiving experience in LEGO Fortnite. MeinMMO explains what's behind it.

Did Epic intentionally remove the XP bonus or is this just a bug?

What kind of trick was that? Players report On Reddit And in one Another post on RedditYou will no longer earn Battle Pass experience points when playing LEGO Fortnite. Previously, experience points increased the longer you played a game mode. Many are surprised why this option is gone now and hope it's just a mistake on Epic's part.

After testing in the editorial office, we can confirm that we can no longer gain experience in LEGO mode simply by standing.

What reason could there be for removal? Some may have used the trick too extensively, putting themselves AFK in LEGO mode for 3 hours and getting several levels in the Battle Pass – all without any effort. Some are now speculating that Epic has removed this “glitch” so that it is no longer easy to collect XP for the Battle Pass. Because that's not the point of using game mode in this way.

However, others believe that LEGO mode will be almost useless because it will not be possible to make any meaningful progress in the Battle Pass using this mode. If you ignore the quests they only give you 2000 XP each, which isn't worth it anyway.

Has Epic commented on this yet? No, so far there is no indication of experience points in LEGO mode. In the current patch notes, they only comment on the new LEGO sets and the bugs that have been fixed (via

More outrage about LEGO: By the way, this is not the only problem that LEGO mode is currently causing. New paid collections are also not well received by players. You can read what's behind it and why you should pay more than €50 for it directly on MeinMMO:

LEGO Fortnite is getting new premium content, but if you want it, you'll have to pay up to €55