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The Final Fantasy concert is coming to the UK in June –

The Final Fantasy concert is coming to the UK in June –

Video game concerts are becoming more and more popular these days, and to that end, one such concert that has obviously done very well is the Final Symphony. As the name suggests, this is a concert centered around the music of the Final Fantasy series, and after a run last year, the concert is set to resume in 2024. Made his debut on British soil.

Because it has now been revealed that Final Symphony II will arrive in the UK in June, bringing its talents and music to Symphony Hall in Birmingham on 2nd June and the Glasshouse Arena in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 9th June. .

We are told what the concert will offer “It will feature the atmospheric, mesmerizing soundtracks of Final Fantasy V, VIII, IX and XIII. It doesn't matter if you've played all the games or not, it'll be lush with beautiful music and our best acoustics.”

The show will last for two hours and is scheduled with a 20-minute break in between. Tickets for the show cost £26 to £59 for Symphony Hall and £17 to £43 for The Glasshouse.

Will you be attending Final Symphony II?