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Storms in Europe: Floods in France and Great Britain

Storms in Europe: Floods in France and Great Britain

Two months after severe flooding in northern France, the region has been hit again flood Affected. The Flood Information Service has issued a warning following the heavy rain Vigeecruise Several rivers in the northern part of the country have risen to the orange alert level. A red alert has been in effect in the Pas-de-Calais department since Tuesday. Many parts of northern France have already been flooded after heavy rains in November. Loud Vigeecruise It was an “extraordinary” flood.

According to the Pas-de-Calais department, more than 50 municipalities in the region are affected. About 200 people were brought to safety. According to the Red Cross, around 20 people spent the night in the emergency shelter in the municipality of Blendecques alone. More than 10,000 homes were without power in Pas-de-Calais and the neighboring Nord department, according to electricity provider Enedis.

Wind gusts of up to 150km/h in southern England

Storm Hank also caused flooding in Great Britain. In the central English city of York, a river overflowed after heavy rain. Wind gusts of 150 kilometers per hour were measured on the Isle of Wight off the coast of southern England, according to the Met Office.

About 10,000 homes are without power, British news agency PA reported. There were cancellations of trains and delays in rail traffic.

A driver was killed when a tree fell on his vehicle in the English county of Gloucestershire. According to the PA, there were flood warnings in many places. Many streets were flooded. Many had to be brought to safety near Northampton.

Concern over rising water levels in Germany

In Germany, Lower Saxony, parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, the south of Saxony-Anhalt and northern parts of Thuringia are still particularly affected by flooding. There is a risk of further rise in the water level here. The German Weather Service (DWD) has forecast continuous rain with heavy rainfall in some areas till Thursday.

In Lower Saxony, 1.9 million sandbags have already been used on a smaller scale, according to the state agency for water management, coastal and nature protection.