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The end of the band or a new tour?  Fans are baffled by a new entry from the two Rammstein guitarists

The end of the band or a new tour? Fans are baffled by a new entry from the two Rammstein guitarists

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Rammstein’s 30th anniversary will be in 2024. With a new post, guitarist Richard Z. Crosby is now playing with fans’ expectations.

BERLIN – Rammstein’s future remains uncertain – although all investigations against striker Till Lindemann (60) have recently stopped. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the entire band has been silent about any future projects for a while now. Lead guitarist Richard Z. Crosby, 56, is causing more confusion with a new Instagram post.

Rammstein fans have to practice waiting – but why?

Does Rammstein say goodbye forever? This question has been bothering many fans of the Berlin religious band for several months. The 30th anniversary of the group around singer Till Lindemann will fall in 2024. However, it is still unclear how and whether it was committed. Supporters of this musical export are hoping for another tour to properly mark the occasion. However, any plans at the moment are nothing more than rumors.

Guitarist Richard Z. Now Crosby is heating things up even more: “The Art of Waiting” (German: “The Art of Waiting”) says a photo the 56-year-old shared on Monday (August 28) via Instagram. In it you can see the musician wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. His post leaves room for speculation. While some are eagerly awaiting a big announcement from Rammstein, others are fearing the worst: the end of their favorite band.

Announcing the end of Rammstein via song in 2022?

On “Zeit” (2022), Rammstein’s last album to date, one song in particular sparked wild speculation: “Adieu.” The song, which was released as the album’s fifth single, sounds like goodbye forever. The chorus says: “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye / You have to go the last way alone / One last song, one last kiss / No miracle will happen / Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye / The time with you was beautiful.”. Some fans have interpreted these lines from the script as a musical farewell. But it can now be assumed that the song deals with the period after the release of the album “Mutter” (2001), which almost led to the end of the band at that time. The video “Adieu” also talks about this.

Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Crosby causes confusion with vague publications

But as is known, hope is the last to die: fans can actually be rewarded for their patience in the end, because such a song and a sonic farewell to the great theaters of this world does not suit Rammstein. From the end of the last round until now, Richard Z. Crosby repeatedly raised confusion through his social media posts: In early August he initially declared: “I don’t know what the future is going to be like, but it’s definitely going to be different.”

A week later, he became even more optimistic, writing: “After a heavy rain, the sun always comes back.” Since “Sonne” is one of the band’s most famous songs, the post caused cautious euphoria in parts of its community — after all, another Rammstein tour seems possible. However, fans may have to wait a little longer for this. Although the anniversary… Sources used:,,