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The Earth is spinning faster – scientists face a mystery – nature

The record for the shortest day on Earth has been broken again. On June 29, the Earth’s Rotation Reference Systems service recorded a deviation of 1.59 milliseconds from the usual 24-hour rotation. This is the fastest revolution since the invention of the atomic clock.

This measures the speed of Earth’s rotation as accurately as possible. The previous record was set on July 19, 2020 – at that time the Earth’s rotation deviated by 1.47 milliseconds. While scientists have long believed that the Earth is gradually slowing down compared to the age of the dinosaurs, there is mounting evidence that the blue planet is regaining speed again. The team of experts confirmed that the deviation was not noticeable to the inhabitants of the Earth. However, from a scientific point of view, these short days play a major role.

Earth spins faster – scientists are baffled

Scientists cannot determine why the Earth’s rotation is accelerating. But there are many possible reasons for the fluctuation of times. The movement of the Earth’s liquid core, oceans, and atmosphere, as well as the Sun and Moon, affects the rotation. But the melting of the polar caps can also be a cause of acceleration.

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