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Bochum: Residents' protest over container space succeeds

Bochum: Residents’ protest over container space succeeds

Bochum Centre.
The residents’ protest against the planned container site in Schmittengwijs was successful. The city is now considering a new location.

On Monday, there was a joint meeting on site with Schmechtingwiese residents, management, USB and politics after the planned container site caused a lot of uproar and protests. The city then corrected the decision to build a 350 square meter container site in Schmechtingwiese and examined a new site.

Locals heard: The site has moved

“Yesterday, it was really cool. There were over 100 people, protesters, in Schmechtingwiese,” says local resident Markus Heine. The protest has paid off: the city wants to propose a new location for politicians. Three parking spaces already enclosed in the Mining Museum will be given up for use in the underground container system rather than being built in the Schmechtingwiese green area.

“Everyone who looks at the new site asks themselves: why wouldn’t it be like this? No new areas will be closed, there is good transport connectivity and the quarter is still excellently accessible on foot. Fabian Krumling, deputy leader of the Green Party parliamentary group in Bochum Mitte, says Everything shows that dialogue with the population is important and worthwhile.”

Protest and dialogue are worth it

The residents were positive after this decision, after they hung protest calls on the neighborhood lanterns, and thus mobilized many of their fellow human beings. Marcus Hein, a local, adds, “This is great news and a success for us, but we’re still on the ball.

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