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The co-op shooter on Steam impressed with an action-packed trailer and adorable dinosaurs

The co-op shooter on Steam impressed with an action-packed trailer and adorable dinosaurs

Second Extinction is a cooperative shooter in which you fight mutant dinosaurs that rule the world. The game was action-packed with a great trailer in 2020, but has faced issues since launching in Early Access. It is scheduled to finally close in 2024.

What kind of game is this? In Second Extinction, people only live on space stations in space because dinosaurs took over the Earth. Players are sent in guerrilla teams to reclaim the planet piece by piece.

  • You can complete the mission in groups of up to 3 players. The collaborative aspect should play an important role.
  • Main and side quests await you to complete.
  • There are 5 different heroes to choose from with special abilities.
  • There are different firearms with different upgrades to suit your play style.
  • The entire community must work together to eliminate dinosaurs from the wide world. The longer an area is not retaken, the more difficult the enemies there will become.

In the first test event in September 2020, the shooter received a lot of praise. The chaotic battles and adorable dinosaurs particularly impressed testers.

In October, the shooter was released on Steam in Early Access and on Xbox. there we have our Colleagues from GameStar I also tried the title. Basically, they had fun, but were skeptical about the long-term motivation and richness of the content.

And they were right.

Here you can first watch the trailer that many people liked:

Extinction II – Trailer Revealed

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Very little and monotonous content

What did the first players say? While Second Extinction had around 78% positive reviews on Steam upon launch, that number has now dropped to 67%. The 170 reviews in the last 30 days were also only 10% positive.

At the beginning of Early Access, many players mainly complained that the story was too short and the free exploration was too monotonous. You simply don’t have any missions or objectives to keep you busy with the shooter for long.

Positive reviews primarily highlighted the potential the title held in their eyes.

what happened after that? Although there are always smaller updates in Early Access, there hasn’t been a huge boost to content. The number of players has developed poorly.

While there were over 2,000 players online initially, in August 2021, there were only 42 players on average and 95 simultaneously at the peak. The last major update came in October 2021, which briefly brought the player count to over 1,000.

Since May 2023, the shooter’s player numbers have only been in the double-digit range. There were even short periods when no one was online.

This is of course a problem for a co-op game with a special global feature.

Player numbers via SteamDB.

The community took a big hit at the end of 2022. The official release was supposed to happen in October and early access was supposed to finally end. But there was a postponement, first to November and then to 2023. But the launch was not supposed to happen.

The last news about the game came in November 2022, and then there was radio silence until its discontinuation was announced a few days ago. Players have been angry in return, which explains the strong negative reviews over the last 30 days.

The latest blog post indicates that some serious errors prevented the release. With the small team and few resources there was no chance to complete the shooter. After a long exchange, the decision was made to discontinue Second Extinction.

When does the game die? The shooter has been removed from the official store and is no longer available for purchase. However, anyone who owns it can still access the active servers. This is scheduled to close “later in 2024”. However, the developers want to announce it in time.

What do you think about the second extinction? Have you tried shooter?

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