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The best couples for the first session

The best couples for the first session

Highlight of the season

Samuel Geiger vs. Fabian Studenmann: These are the best Unspunnen-Schwinget duets

The technical director of the Swiss Wrestling Federation was divided: on Sunday there will be revenge between Fabian Studenmann and Samuel Geiger in the first gear in Unspunnen-Schwinget.

Fabian Studenmann (left) and Samuel Geiger last met in Brunnig-Schwengette at the end of July.

Photo: Urs Fluler/Keystone

The best Unspunnen-Schwinget pairs became known on Thursday afternoon. Stefan Strebel from Aargau, who, as the technical director of the Swiss Wrestling Federation, is allowed to split the first round independently, decided to let Fabian Studenmann and Samuel Geiger lose at the start. The two last met in Brunei Schweinberg – and there was no winner.

When it was announced to SRF, “This trail isn’t over yet,” Stripel said. So Geiger and Studenman will have another chance to find a winner. The second great pairing will take place between Swiss central favorite Piermin Reichmuth and favorite Matthias Eichbacher in Bern.

Pairing at a glance:

  • Samuel Geiger – Fabian Studenman
  • Bermin Reichmuth – Matthias Eichbacher
  • Armon Orlik – Kylian Wenger
  • Sven Shortenberger – Michael Lederman
  • Cordin Urlik Werner Schlegel
  • Joel Striple, Benjamin Gabbani
  • Matthew Burger – Damien Ott
  • Lario Kramer – Nick Albiger
  • Adrian Walter – Dominic Schneider
  • Mario Schneider – Patrick Rapmatter

120 wrestlers are allowed in for the season highlight on Sunday in Interlaken. 32 each from Bern and central Switzerland, 30 from northeastern Switzerland, 14 from northwestern Switzerland, and 12 from southwestern Switzerland. The current list of participants includes 48 Swiss. Swing starts at 8 am on Sunday. We report on our site via a live ticker from the arena.