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The Australian suddenly speaks with an Irish accent

Angie Yen is surprised when one morning she suddenly sings in the rain with an Irish accent. An expert has the answer.

Angie Yen woke up one morning with an Irish accent. – டிக்டோக் / @ angie.mcyen

Brief essentials

  • Angie Yen grew up and lives in Brisbane, Australia.
  • The young woman began to speak with an Irish accent one morning.
  • Ten days before that, he had surgery on his throat.

Australian Angi Yen From Brisbane She begins to sing in the morning shower and notices: she sings with an Irish accent – though she has nothing to do with Ireland. How did that happen?

In a short time Shock Angie tells her about Dicktok New accent. He had surgery on his throat ten days ago. When he began to sing with an Irish accent, “It can’t be real!” The same day, he speaks with an Irish accent in a job interview.

Angie suffers from “foreign accent syndrome”

A science writer has the answer to Angie’s new pronunciation in Dictok. According to him, Australians have what is known as “foreign accent syndrome”. The syndrome is diagnosed in only about 150 people worldwide. It can be caused by head injuries, stroke, a surgery or diabetes.

At the same time, he assures the young woman: speech therapy can correct the syndrome. Angie says she missed her mother tongue and suddenly feels a little out of place. He is currently receiving medical treatment.