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The animal shelter in Nuremberg has reached its limits

The animal shelter in Nuremberg has reached its limits

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The animal shelter in Nuremberg is running out of space and food. That’s why it had to impose a food moratorium and called for food donations — but Amazon doesn’t want to deliver.

Nuremberg – Animal shelters take care of animals in a wide range of situations, for example when they are surrendered when their previous owners are no longer able to care for them, when they are found on the street or when they come from an illegal animal transport. Unfortunately, these institutions also have limits on what assistants can do and how many animals they can accommodate. The Nuremberg animal shelter has gone this far. It imposed a ban on eating and declared that the animals had run out of food.

The animal shelter in Nuremberg was forced to announce the cessation of admissions. (iconic image) © IMAGO/Dwi Anoraganingrum

Criticism of politics and illegal transportation of dogs: The animal shelter in Nuremberg no longer has space

There are currently 55 dogs and more than 130 cats in the Nuremberg animal shelter. Tanja Schnabel, head of the animal shelter in Nuremberg, says otherwise PR 24, They have reached their limits in terms of space, finances and staff. She and her team will no longer be able to take in any more found animals or surrender pets. The Nuremberg animal shelter has a waiting list for dog owners who want to give up their dogs. However, the application cannot be submitted immediately – the waiting time is about a year and a half.

Another problem facing the animal shelter in Nuremberg is dogs with behavioral problems. It is difficult, or at worst, to re-hom these animals. That’s why they take up space in the animal shelter for so long, Schnabel explains PR24. The animal shelter director criticized the policy. According to Schnabel, the politicians responsible are to blame, among other things, for the collapse of animal shelters.

According to the director of the animal shelter, politicians have looked the other way for a long time. Animal protection associations and animal shelters, among others, called for a reduction in the illegal transport of dogs, reports said PR24. The dogs eventually end up in an animal shelter. The animal shelter only recently had to take in another found animal. Police found a dog tied to a fence and immediately took her to the animal shelter.

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Animal shelter runs out of food: Amazon doesn’t ship ‘dangerous goods’

In addition to space and money, the animal shelter in Nuremberg is also running out of food. Officials wrote on Facebook that helpers have “a large number of animals at home that we haven’t had in a long time and it just doesn’t stop.” “We desperately need support.” In order to make it easier for those interested in helping animals and caregivers, the Nuremberg Animal Shelter created a wish list on Amazon, but there were problems.

Food cannot be delivered to the animal shelter’s address. Only a call to Amazon provided information about why the animal shelter in Nuremberg was unable to receive food. According to Amazon, there are restrictions on delivery of ordered items. The animal shelter posted a message from Amazon on Facebook explaining delivery restrictions. The items contain “flammable, pressurized, corrosive, environmentally hazardous, or otherwise harmful materials.” The company’s letter shows that these products are “classified as dangerous goods in accordance with the European Convention relating to the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air.”

“We are a bit speechless at the moment,” the Nuremberg Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook. The aides did not miss the opportunity to make a joke about the situation. “Is dog and cat food flammable or an environmental hazard? Why can’t it be shipped overland if it is classified as dangerous goods by air?” “Questions about questions,” she said at the end of her post. Since Amazon was unable to help them, they published a list of Pet food they need and supporters can donate to them.

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