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That's why they never warmed up to each other

That's why they never warmed up to each other

Hope for friendship between Meghan Markle (42 years old) and Princess Kate (42 years old) was shattered in their first meeting.

The reason for this was Meghan's unusual fashion choice. That's what royal experts Charlotte Griffiths and Mark Dolan think on GB News.

Meghan's decision not to wear shoes to her first meeting with Princess Kate must have been the deciding factor. This immediately indicates that the two women were not destined to become friends. They had very different personalities.

“They were never friends,” Charlotte Griffiths explains. “I think Kate would probably put on a good face when faced with evil.” She added: “Meghan expected a hug at their first meeting, but she came without shoes.”

Griffiths pointed out the importance of wearing shoes when meeting the future Queen of England for the first time.

According to Griffiths, Kate and Prince William were not particularly friendly towards Meghan. But she also believes Meghan could have handled the situation better. While Kate was never 'warm', Meghan was, in her opinion, 'easily offended'.

Mark Dolan, also presenter of the programme, said: “When Meghan Markle took to the royal stage, she was loved by the press and the public alike. They saw her as the next Princess Diana.”

However, Griffiths contradicted this statement slightly: “I don't know if we thought she was the new Diana. But we certainly thought she would be a fascinating, fascinating person.”

Shortly after her wedding to Prince Harry (39) in 2018, it was reported that Meghan was not on good terms with Kate. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey (69 years old), Meghan confirmed these rumours. Her accusation: Kate made her cry during wedding preparations.

Prince Harry wrote in his memoirs that Kate treated his wife badly. Kate did not want to lend Meghan lip gloss, and did not laugh at Meghan's jokes.