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That's how he's alone in California

That’s how he’s alone in California

“He lives a very reclusive life these days,” says an insider on Prince Harry. While Megan is thriving, her husband appears to be moving away.

The basics in brief

  • While Meghan is thriving in California, husband Harry is said to be feeling lonely.
  • An insider reveals that “Harry has no real friends in the US”.
  • Even his close environment must be anxious.

Herzogen Megan (40) blooms in the new California home. With husband Harry, 37, it looks different, and an insider reveals: “He lives a very reclusive life these days.”

Prince Harry loved party life in England

He was still in England the father from archery (2) and Lilibet (three months) active social life. Time and time again I saw him outside with friends, he loved the party life. Now there are trips like that with Megan to New York become rare.

Harry doesn’t have any real friends in the US. A US Weekly insider explains that he goes through phases of loneliness. He only meets fellow Brits now and then Orlando Bloom and James Corden.

He spends the rest of the time with Megan and the children in the villa in Montecito. There you can see him alone on his bike or hiking. “Harry likes to move around without being recognized,” the insider says.

A Sussex neighbor in the California suburb of Santa Barbara reveals: “I only see cars going in or out. I never see Harry. They are an incredibly special couple.”

Very private, I fear myself family environment. According to an inside source, the Cambridges should be too the father Prinz Charles Concerned about Prince Harry: “You have a feeling he has become Meghan’s personal doll. It’s as if he’s trapped in their world and can’t see beyond.”

Harry alone in California?

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