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#TGIQF – Asteroid Fall Test

#TGIQF – Asteroid Fall Test

NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft brought a soil sample from the near-Earth asteroid Bennu back to Earth via a return capsule in September. In October, a DART mission tested whether it was possible to change the asteroid’s orbit.


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The targets are getting smaller and the missions are becoming more exciting: space agencies are sending more and more space probes to asteroids and comets. Even the head of NASA, Bill Nelson, announced the fall of the asteroid.

There are various reasons for this: on the one hand, technical progress now allows very complex maneuvers to be performed on small celestial bodies. Asteroids and comets are also included Most original objects in the solar system. If 250 grams of asteroid material (the mass of a stick of butter) were brought to the laboratory, it would provide a glimpse into the solar system’s past.

For us, that’s reason enough to take you into space before a well-deserved weekend of solving the puzzle of asteroids, comets and their space probes in our quiz on Friday. In general, it is worth watching our #heiseshow as well as the reports on the last missions to prepare: This time too, Volker Zota and Malte Kirchner were mystified Three quiz questions in advance, choose the best answer and joke with the audience.

The clock keeps running and rewards quick answers. With Quick Play you can achieve 220 points in 11 questions. You can compare your score with other players in the forum. However, please refrain from using spoilers so as not to spoil the enjoyment of the test for other participants. As always, praise and criticism are welcome


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