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Which football leagues had to give way to the NFL?

Which football leagues had to give way to the NFL?

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Empty stadium with a closed roof. © Arne Didert/DPA/archive photo

Holding two football matches in one stadium in the middle of the football season is not an option. The NFL had to negotiate with several unions, and it was lucky, too.

FRANKFURT/MAIN – The NFL is chasing Eintracht Frankfurt, at least for a good week, when two regular-season games of the famous American Football League are held at the 2006 World Cup stadium. To be able to play the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins games on November 5 and New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts on November 12 (both at 3:30 p.m.) At the arena, the NFL and Stadion-GmbH had to make some arrangements ahead of time. This was stated by Patrick Mayer, Managing Director of Stadion GmbH, at a press conference on Thursday.

“We applied to the Bundesliga to play two away matches, and that was the first hurdle. There is a conference league match in the week between the matches, which UEFA has approved as an away match. On November 4, he will play The former Europa League winner is in the league with Union Berlin, followed by the international match at HJK Helsinki (9 November) and a guest appearance at Werder Bremen (12 November).

That the cup match against FC Viktoria Köln (November 1) was played away from home was just a coincidence. “We were lucky then. We were able to prevent that with the help of the lucky fairies,” said general manager Meyer. This gives NFL officials three more days after Eintracht’s home match against Dortmund on October 29 to turn the football stadium into a football arena. Since there is an international break after two weekends in the NRL, Eintracht fans will have to wait for a home match from the end of October to November 25. dpa