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Tesla owners with a global Christmas offer >

Tesla owners with a global Christmas offer >

picture: Simon Pollock

In fact, there was only supposed to be a relatively modest meeting in the Rhineland in mid-December, where Tesla owners would gather to use, among other things, the “light show” function, which was introduced with an update for Christmas 2021. In later versions, you can It was used to program optical glasses distributed across many electric cars, which were then used in Tesla's larger offerings. Only 40 active participants were able to register in Cologne this year – but quite spontaneously, Tesla owners elsewhere in Germany and around the world joined in with the same determination.

Tesla's idea spreads in Cologne

Some stand-up demos, in which the Tesla plays music, turns its lights on and off, and sometimes moves the doors to the beat, are part of the job. You can also program individual operations that can be distributed across many vehicles. At an electric car meeting in Hamm last September, a world record was set with 250 participants (this number has already been broken).

Programming for such syndicated shows is usually provided by Briton Simon Bullock, a self-described “Tesla maniac” who appears on X as @Teslalightshows. He was also supposed to prepare a presentation for the Cologne meeting, as previously announced by the organizers. Tesla was not directly included, but it has made space available in front of its service center and organized a program including test drives and Christmas stands. Eight days before the date, Pollock announced that his new work would be exhibited on December 16, not only in Cologne, but around the world.

This came because the Finnish Tesla Club also requested a Christmas offer, according to So think about whether a third person will join in. It was quickly found, and then the idea spread more and more. After he announced the global campaign, a larger number of participants in other countries joined, especially since the Briton also invited Tesla drivers who had no affiliation to the club. Anyone who wants can now watch the private scene for free His website download.

Light show also at the German Gigafactory

In Germany alone, according to him, it can finally be seen at eleven different locations on December 16, including the Tesla Center in Cologne and the Gigafactory near Berlin. Bullock counted 35 participating countries from New Zealand to Hawaii. A total of 243 events were recorded with it — some involving just one or two Teslas, as a video compilation posted shortly after shows. However, the mass spectacle was not originally synchronized around the world as it had been before: in order to ensure as comfortable and therefore numerous participation as possible, Pollock scheduled the show to start at 6pm local time everywhere.