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Tesla automatic high beam update and wipers>

Thanks to large touch screens, including over-the-air updates and many computer functions, Tesla electric cars have earned a reputation as portable smartphones. But lately, the company seems to be lagging behind when it comes to software. The managing director of the electric car rental company stated this practically unchallenged in April VW’s Autobahn Assistant Is Now Better Than Tesla’s Autopilot. A little later, a well-known YouTuber complained about the system in a 20-minute video. However, it appears that at least two annoying issues have now been resolved.

Criticism and mockery of Tesla aides

Among other things YouTuber Björn Nyland commented with “Tesla Vision Sucks” In July, drive on the highway in the dark with the autopilot system to stay in lane and stay at speed. Since the spring update, the radar sensor, which Tesla no longer installs in new electric cars, is no longer evaluated. At the same time, the new software ensures that rain detection is activated for the windshield wipers and the automatic high beam when using autopilot.

In theory, this allows the cameras to see better as the only autopilot sensors available now – but in practice, the automatic activation of the two accessory functions has caused a lot of trouble. A creative German customer spoiled Tesla’s “see-only” principle of “scan-only” because the software allowed wipers to run repeatedly and continuously for no reason. The automatic high beam, which flashes a lot, was not only offended by Nyland, but also dangerous for the French couple according to his description: Blind oncoming Tesla with laser pointer attack Reply, recently reported.

Happy reaction to the software update

European Tesla owners are increasingly impatient in the face of such incidents, and in particular have asked CEO Elon Musk or his well-known Twitter followers for a speedy recovery. And it seems that these calls have reached him in some channels, because according to driver reports, the current software update already brings clear improvements in both rain detection and the automatic high beam system. This is written by the Austrian Tesla customer Raffaeru, for example, who previously persistently pointed out problems and actually made himself unpopular in some cases.

Its tests after updating to software version 2022.40.4 were initially limited to the high beam side. This assistant can finally be used, a Tesla multiple buyer explained in a video with examples posted on YouTube. At the German forum Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) Several members mentioned this week Likewise pleased the advance of the high beam. In addition, there were reports of noticeable improvements in the automatic windshield wipers, which had previously been subject to no less intense criticism.

Driving a Tesla without a high beam is not suitable

Both assistants still don’t work perfectly, but at least in such a way that inappropriate wipe or fade is no longer the norm when driving a Tesla with or without autopilot support. According to a survey at TFF, a clear majority of participants had problems with one of these two jobs for better vision, at least occasionally. They’re now better – and Tesla could then deal with the discovery of speed limits on the Autobahn, the lack of which is also increasingly criticized in Europe.