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Tennis professional Christophe Negrito plays six matches in one day!

Tennis professional Christophe Negrito plays six matches in one day!

Christophe Negrito became a permanent player.Image:

Christophe Negrito played almost an entire tennis tournament in one day. How did the German professional's big program come about and what did he think of it?

December 24, 2023 at 1:54 pmDecember 24, 2023, 3:20 p.m

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Shortly before Christmas, recreational players are at their most nervous about gifts, and the world's best tennis players have long been preparing for the new season. For some professionals, December is also a time to score points for the world rankings and earn a living.

This is suitable for the second, third or fourth goalkeeper of tennis professionals The ITF tournament was in Monastir. Because of its exceptional schedule, the tournament made headlines outside Tunisia.

Rain does not permit tennis

Of course this wasn't planned. But the weather was so bad that matches constantly had to be postponed due to rain. Christophe Negrito won the round of 16 on Thursday before getting patient. There was no match on Friday, almost none on Saturday, and nothing in Monastir on Sunday, when the final was scheduled to be played.

But should the tournament really end without a winner? Officials were hoping it would be Monday — and the weather was actually cooperating. Negrito, a 29-year-old German, has become a permanent fixture.

Let's get started

He first had to finish Saturday's canceled quarterfinal match. Negrito won it, and things continued soon after. “I stayed on the field and waited for the next opponent.” He told

Negrito moved to the final with a three-set victory over American Michael Chu. “Then I noticed I was a little tired,” he said of his third match of the day. He lost to top seed Omni Kumar (ATP 361) of USA 1:6, 1:6.

But Christophe Negrito's long tennis day is far from over. Now you are waiting for bets in the doubles competition. The organizers asked him if he still wanted to compete. “I said I have time and we have the floodlights. Let's Begin! “It's all about points and prize money, of course you have to keep playing.” No. 677 in the ATP World Rankings. It was clear to him: “You have to move on.”

“Someone has to imitate me first.”

He was served energy-packed dates, in between ordered a cappuccino on the field, and so Negrito competed three more times with Cho at his side. After victories in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, the heat declined in the final. “At some point I got over it and said to myself, 'That's enough now.' And also because it started raining again.” The duo surrendered when the score was 2:6, 1:2.

The reward was eight world ranking points and a cash prize of 1,650 euros. Perhaps it will go down in the history books. At, Christophe Negrito says with a smile: “Six matches in one day, someone has to copy me first.”

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