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Ten kilograms in four months: Daniela Katzenberger reveals the secret of her weight loss

Ten kilograms in four months: Daniela Katzenberger reveals the secret of her weight loss

Reality TV star Daniela Katzenberger lost ten kilograms in four months.


Daniela Katzenberger recently looked very thin. Now the German reality star has revealed to his followers the changes necessary to go from couch potato to fitness lover.

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  • From French fries to fitness fan: Daniela Katzenberger has changed her lifestyle.
  • Now the 37-year-old explains InstagramHow did I manage to lose ten kilograms in four months?
  • Exercise and diet changes are the secret sauce to Katzenberger’s weight-loss success.

Daniela Katzenberger has changed her lifestyle in the past few months. The 37-year-old German reality star lost about ten kilograms in just four months.

Her followers are now wondering: How did the 37-year-old manage to do this?

In your Instagram story Getting plenty of exercise and changing your diet is the secret recipe to your weight-loss success, Katzenberger explains.

Daniela Katzenberger trains three times a week

Daniela Katzenberger trains in the gym with a personal trainer three times a week and does strength training. She also shows on her Instagram story how she exercises in the living room in front of the TV. She also cooks more at home – and healthier.

Instead of fast-food burgers, Katzenberger now offers “Big Mac wraps” made with quark, cheese and low-fat eggs. Katzenberger has been sharing her “healthy” version of the recipes on her Instagram account for a few weeks.

On her Instagram Story, the 37-year-old explains that she has no talent at the stove, which is why she mostly eats out. That’s why her at-home recipes are all “fool-proof.”

“I eat pizza once a week”

But the “cat” does not give up regular feasts: “It has to be every now and then, otherwise I would do it,” she wrote in a video in which she can be seen eating pizza.

“Once a week I eat a big pizza with everything on it. It’s good for the soul and it doesn’t matter.”

But Katzenberger has also changed the amount of food she eats each day, as she explained in a Q&A session on Instagram earlier this week.

Two to three cups of macchiato a day are equivalent to two cups of cappuccino. She consumes most of her calories at breakfast: “In the morning I eat like a lioness, at lunchtime like a cat, and in the evening like a kitten,” Katzenberger explains.

This defining moment led to a life change

The reason for the sudden change in life was a key moment, as Katzenberger writes in another story:

A few months ago, when she was visiting a friend in Germany, with whom she had stored some clothes before moving to Mallorca eight years ago, she wanted to “clean out a little”.

“I tried on a lot of rings and jeans, and none of them fit me anymore, which made me feel very sad.”

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