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Anne Wunsch receives a report from the veterinary office

Anne Wunsch receives a report from the veterinary office

Veterinary office

A dog in a diaper – Anne Wunsch receives a report

Caring for Ann Wunsch’s dogs. The veterinary office knocked on the influencer’s door because her Chihuahua was wearing diapers. The influencer has no understanding of this.


While she was recording her podcast, Anne Wunsch’s doorbell rang.


  • Ann Wunsch, 32, has to respond to the veterinary office.

  • Reason: The influencer puts diapers on her puppy.

  • However, the advertisement is incomprehensible to the mother.

Ann wishes (32), known from “Berlin – Day and Night”, was reported to the veterinary office because her baby dog ​​was wearing a diaper. The fact that the influencer now has to go into the office to have a chat is “surprising” and “completely meaningless” to her.

As Anne recently explained in an Instagram Story, her Chihuahua Toni is not yet house trained and therefore wears diapers. After all, she doesn’t feel like peeing on her couch. Additionally, she has “cleaned the sofa probably 30 times already.”

Mother of three But she will try to keep her puppy from urinating in the apartment. For her, too, it’s “not very sexy” for a dog to wear a diaper. However, the 32-year-old does not take into account that this could be annoying for little Tony: “He doesn’t move to take this diaper off.”

“They want to see you on the ground.”

Some fans criticized the dog diapers a few days ago. “So I’m speechless. One German follower said: “The puppy gets a diaper because you are too lazy to go out with him.” Other voices also speak out against Anne: “The dog is being held like a stuffed animal. Sorry, that’s how problems inevitably get.”

Does the former ‘Berlin – Day & Night’ actress take the criticism from her fan base to heart? Somewhat unlikely. If Anne Wunsch can get her way, many people will want to see her “on the ground by any means necessary.” The German actress says that people simply have nothing to do. The authorities’ complaint is incomprehensible to them. Shaking her head, she added on her Instagram Story: “Because of the dog diapers? “I am moving away from the faith of humanity.”

However, this is not the first unpleasant incident for Anne Wunsch. The police were already on her case once. The influencer said: “I said in one of the stories that I was a little confused at the moment – my mother wouldn’t know that – and then they sent the police.”

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