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SWR’s decision on the future of Stefan Mros’ ‘Always on Sundays’

SWR’s decision on the future of Stefan Mros’ ‘Always on Sundays’

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“Always on Sundays” will remain with Schlager fans in 2024. There is one thing that should not be missing: Stefan Mros will celebrate its anniversary in 2024.

Baden-Baden – to stay! Stefan Mross, 47, will host “Always on Sunday” for at least another year. Südwestrundfunk (SWR) is continuing its long-term and successful cooperation with Traunsteiner, the broadcaster said, at the request of… German News Agency In Baden-Baden. The new season of the entertainment show is scheduled to begin on May 26, 2024.

Stefan Mros extends “Always Back on Sundays” contract with SWR

However, SWR did not want to say how long the new contract with Stefan Mros would last, and referred to confidentiality agreements. The pop star was initially unavailable for comment. Next year will be a memorable one for the 47-year-old: he will be presenting Always on Sundays for the 20th year in a row.

The fact that Moros was allowed to run the show this summer was still in doubt in the spring. There is even speculation about eviction. The Leipzig District Court issued a criminal order against the pop star in November 2022 after a physical altercation took place between Stefan Mross and a young man in a hotel. SWR then examined the collaboration extensively – and now wants to continue it despite all the headlines.

Stefan Mros will ‘always stay on Sundays’ – but how long will SWR stay silent about that after contract extension © Bildagentur Monn/Imago

“Always on Sundays” regularly brings an audience of millions in front of their television sets, and is one of the highest-rated programs on Sunday mornings. In 2023, twelve live broadcasts were produced from the specially designed open-air stage for the show at Europa Park Roost near Freiburg. On the show itself, episode after episode, a diverse mix of newcomers and established pop stars appear on stage, including Beatrice Egli (35), Andy Borg (62) and Vanessa Mae (31). Now the former broadcaster is under criticism: Claudia Jung (59 years old) has found clear words after the allegations of Anna Karina Wojciak (30 years old) against Stefan Mros. Sources used: German news agency